“Her powerhouse vocal performance is one that you cannot help but be stunned by. Listening to her music, you get the idea that at any moment, Elza can kick it all the way to ten, and simply blow you away with her powerful pipes. The brilliance though lies in her ability to play with vocal dynamics- effortlessly crooning at times, building tension and momentum before absolutely killing it.” – Alternative Nation


“The catchy chorus, big drums and thick groovy synths give a dark pop edge to the track but also a huge drive forward. Elza’s voice is distinctive because it is strong but also have an unpolished rawness to it too.” – Higher Plain Music


Elza isn’t afraid to venture to the dark side seeking wisdom or explore intimate feelings, and we feel like her music video for “Swayed” shows that…. Listening to the track, you can’t help but feel the rawness of her voice with every word she says. “Swayed” has a unique and haunting vibe to it, but we’re loving it so much. – Indie Music.Com
“Combining elements of alternative and art rock with trip hop vibes, Swayed gradually builds from a minimalist electro-infused melody into an intensifying, emotion evoking wall of sound”  – Middle Tennessee Music


“Elza is the Lorde of Vancouver: passionate, on fire, and someone I fully expect nothing but bigger and better things from in the future. I highly recommend her music and live performance, and hope to see her do a headlining show in the future.” – The Permanent Rain Press, Concert review


“There is a certain serenity to it, but also an undeniable desire. Elza is the nymph, luring us deeper into her realm. Combining ethereal vocals and a refreshing blend of electronic and organic sounds, Elza flawlessly crafts a unique, dreamy yet nonetheless soulful sonance.” Red On Black Music


“Her 5-song debut EP,Glories, is captivating, beautifully crafted, and an excellent introduction to the wonder that is Elza.” The Permanent Rain Press


“The title track is another terrific song, which demonstrates once again Elza’s ability to create different moods and feelings in four minutes or less. And those feelings are spine-tingling.” The Revue


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