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Russian-born singer/songwriter Elza relocated to Israel at the age of 15. It was there she discovered her passion for singing and playing guitar, inspired by a litany of genres mainly composed of 90s alternative acts that fuel her sound today, mixed in seamlessly with her classical piano training in her arrangements.

While in Tel Aviv, she studied audio engineering and sound design while developing her guitar and vocal style inspired by artists like Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Beth Gibbons, and Anneke van Giersbergen.

After moving to Vancouver, British Columbia in 2011, Elza began exploring the vibrant local open mic scene, where her music received a warm welcome, softening the culture shock of her Russian and Israeli upbringing contrasted by her new life in Canada. She also began experimenting with recording at home with a small computer setup, producing demos and developing her sound, musicianship, and vision gradually and organically, drawing on her personal experience as a young woman wandering the world where she plans to make her mark. Finally, though, Elza decided to commit some of her explorations of texture and composition to physical form, spending six months writing, arranging and producing each and every part of her five-song debut EP entitled ‘Glories’, a deeply intimate and personal exploration of harmony and rhythm, with dark melodies haunting each track like chain-rattling ghosts desperate for release from their unfinished business.

‘Glories’ was released in September 2014 to glowing reviews from the local press and showed up on community and college radio charts soon after. From there, she assembled a 7-piece live band to bring her studio-born dreams to audiences around Vancouver, dazzling crowds with her rich, dark grooves.

In June 2017 Elza debuted her first instrumental single ‘Clear’ – an ethereal composition layered with lush strings, keys  and guitar effects.

In 2018 Elza announced the release of the full-length album titled Nothing’s Wrong‘. The first single and the music video ‘Swayed’ came out in September to almost universally positive reviews from music critics. ‘Endeavor’ – second single and music video, released a month later, were dubbed “a beautifully dark masterpiece” by Alternative Nation. ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ was released November 2nd.

 In October 2018 Elza’s ever wandering nature has taken her to the uncharted waters of the east coast, making Toronto her new base.

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